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Cheap Air Fair Ticket

cheap air fair ticket

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2011 Rail Fair Items I Bought

2011 Rail Fair Items I Bought

Well my trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin for the Rail Fair was awesome. To start out, We got to the Rail Fair and gave them 2 free pass tickets (me and my mom went in) and got a free pin for the remembrance of a hobo. Then we started to walk through and seen some magazines figured they would be pretty cheap and they were, 50 cents each. Got the five you see above. Then after getting the magazines I walked through more and the next thing I bought was 2 cars for $5.00 (Union Pacific Box car and The Rock Gondola, will note). Then right after purchasing not even 10 feet away I find a Box of cars for $10. SOLD! I seen there were price tags on them from $2 to $5. Then there was a post – it that said $2 each car, then there was the one for the whole box for $10. I paid $10 for the whole box. All cars are from the box except the two I already talked about and the huge GT boxcar. The ones that were out of the box were the ones I cleaned so far and I cleaned the GT and The Rock - I did not clean the UP Boxcar. (I will put pictures of all the cars seperate later). Then to make one quick trip back around I seen the GT excess high 8 - door Boxcar! I didn't even ask and handed him the $5. Then I went and bought the Canadian Pacific shirt on the way out. Also while I was there these train hoppers were there, they said their goal was to get to Seattle and I can't remember where they first caught out though, I didn't get a chance to talk to them or I would have more info. So then we left there and headed to the BNSF Yard for the engine display and when we were driving over the bridge I looked on the other side (CP's side) and could have sworn there was an engine tilted and a car on it's side with something all over the ground...I mentioned it to my parents and didn't think much of it and then the more I thought of it, it was maybe a derailment I had just seen...I have them make a U-turn right on the bridge and go back - SURE ENOUGH, IT DERAILED!! So we drove down there by the derailment and got out asked if we could go look at it to this worker he said ask his boss and he was right behind him he said we couldn't walk by it but we could drive through, So we did. The engine was first, tilted back wheels off tracks and next car was the one derailed, on its side corn or something spilled all over and the next car was the HIVES wholecar - AWESOME SIGHT! When we got passed the HIVES wholecar there was a space open and it had 2 decent burners on it - really fresh to! Then after doing are drive-by we went to the engine display and took pictures went in the really nice air - conditioned cab. Got done there tried to go see if the CP display was still up and I don't think it was - if they even had one cause we could not find it. But there were two engines one a really old rusted SOO (bandit?) that might have been but we could see them moving it when we were driving over the bridge. Then went back to BNSF yard to bench sat for about 2 hours only one intermodal 2 on CP's but really hard to see on the camera. And that is about it thanks for reading if you did. Will post all pics a little later.

Craft Candy Christmas Fair - Joey's Dream Garden

Craft Candy Christmas Fair - Joey's Dream Garden

This is my stall at the Craft Candy Candy Cane Christmas Craft Fair (what a mouthful!). This was my fourth craft fair, and my third one with Craft Candy, who are just FAB at organising fairs, which are free to the public - which I think is incredibly important. Because you don't get charged an admission fee to go into a shop, do you?

I spent HOURS into putting my stall together, as I wanted to make a great impression. I could have done better if I'd have had more time, but this is what I came up with with the time (and space!) available.

I made three cardboard 'mountains' which were inspired by the plastic moulded bases you get with big Playmobil toy sets, which are designed to look like craggy rocks. I loved doing this, and I think I'll have to make some more at a future date! They each have five sides which are steeply sloping, just like mountains. I painted two in pale blue, one in pale green, and used Posca pens to draw a scalloped pattern on each of them.

I borrowed a wire tree from my friend Claire, and wrapped it first in compressed volume fleece and then attached fairy lights (I used rechargeable batteries in all the fairy lights, it's my policy to not buy normal batteries at all because they become waste so quickly - rechargeables last for years and years), and finished with strips of blue crepe paper. The base is covered with a 'skirt' of felt, and I wrapped a frill of felt at the bottom of the trunk to hide the join, and I've put pom-pons at the base too. Then I hung lots of special dresses brooches and a couple of gingerbread brooches from it!

I made a set of seven hexagonal boxes for my 'wares', and painted these to match the mountains, and sprayed the insides with gold paint - I got through a whole can within minutes!!
I re-used my banner which I'd made for my first craft fair, because I thought it went fairly well and I ran out of time to do anything else that would look as effective, and adorned it with a string of battery-powered fairy lights.

To finish, I dotted lots of home-made pom-pons around like little snowballs, and hung more fairy lights on top of the owl brooches display frame and on the framed original embroidery, Little Tiger's Orangey Celebration, which I took along purely to show it off to people.

cheap air fair ticket

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