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Fight Club Flight Card

fight club flight card

    fight club
  • Fight Club is a 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk. It follows the experiences of an unnamed protagonist struggling with insomnia. Inspired by his doctor's exasperated remark that insomnia is not suffering, he finds relief by impersonating a seriously ill person in several support groups.

  • Fight Club - Members Only is a 2006 Bollywood Action film directed by Vicky Chopra and produced by Ravi Walia and Sohail Khan.

  • The seventh season of The X-Files commenced airing in the United States on November 7, 1999, concluded on May 21, 2000, and consists of twenty-two episodes. The X-Files is an American serial science fiction-horror-thriller television series.

  • a formation of aircraft in flight

  • Shoot (wildfowl) in flight

  • an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"

  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace

  • shoot a bird in flight

  • (in golf and other sports) Score (a certain number of points on a scorecard)

  • Write (something) on a card, esp. for indexing

  • tease: separate the fibers of; "tease wool"

  • one of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes; "he collected cards and traded them with the other boys"

  • Check the identity card of (someone), in particular as evidence of legal drinking age

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fight club flight card - Fight Club

Fight Club

Fight Club

"'Fight Club' pulls you in, challenges your prejudices, rocks your world and leaves you laughing" (Rolling Stone). Brad Pitt ("12 Monkeys", "Seven"), Edward Norton ("Primal Fear," "American History X") and Helena Bonham Carter ("Mighty Aphrodite," "A Room With A View") turn in powerful "performances of which movie legends are made" (Chicago Tribune) in this action-packed hit. A ticking-time-bomb insomniac (Norton) and a slippery soap salesman (Pitt) channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until a sensuous eccentric (Bonham Carter) gets in the way and ignites an out-of control spiral toward oblivion.

All films take a certain suspension of disbelief. Fight Club takes perhaps more than others, but if you're willing to let yourself get caught up in the anarchy, this film, based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, is a modern-day morality play warning of the decay of society. Edward Norton is the unnamed protagonist, a man going through life on cruise control, feeling nothing. To fill his hours, he begins attending support groups and 12-step meetings. True, he isn't actually afflicted with the problems, but he finds solace in the groups. This is destroyed, however, when he meets Marla (Helena Bonham Carter), also faking her way through groups. Spiraling back into insomnia, Norton finds his life is changed once again, by a chance encounter with Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), whose forthright style and no-nonsense way of taking what he wants appeal to our narrator. Tyler and the protagonist find a new way to feel release: they fight. They fight each other, and then as others are attracted to their ways, they fight the men who come to join their newly formed Fight Club. Marla begins a destructive affair with Tyler, and things fly out of control, as Fight Club grows into a nationwide fascist group that escapes the protagonist's control.
Fight Club, directed by David Fincher (Seven), is not for the faint of heart; the violence is no holds barred. But the film is captivating and beautifully shot, with some thought-provoking ideas. Pitt and Norton are an unbeatable duo, and the film has some surprisingly humorous moments. The film leaves you with a sense of profound discomfort and a desire to see it again, if for no other reason than to just to take it all in. --Jenny Brown

79% (15)

Start of 2011...

Start of 2011...

This year, there were layoffs at my job. I thought I'd start my thoughts on the year there.

On the day of the layoffs, I biked to work. It wasn't that I thought I was invulnerable or un-layoffable or somehow able to blackmail my boss like in Fight Club. It was just that I don't like things stopping me from biking to work. And I figured that, of the things in my cube that weren't company property, very few of them were actually the sort of thing I'd miss. I've spent the past year or two realizing that I've accumulated a lot of crap. It's worthless. It's useless. But it's hard to actually get up the nerve to toss it, even though I never miss it later on.

And so I figured that, were I to have been impacted, there was nothing that wouldn't fit on my bike that I really needed. Besides, I'm sure that I could probably bum a ride or coax the company into letting me pick my stuff up later. And I figured that, were I to have been laid off, I'd probably need the bike ride to cool my brain off.

I had a dream this year. It's the movie cliche where your character with regrets gets transported back a decade or two in time, to right wrongs and whatnot. I was back in college. I remember thinking, quite logically, that I didn't want to change who I ended up with. But I did regret all of the lost opportunities because of driving, so my dream ended with me going on a long ride through the cornfields. Having biked so much over the past few years and seen what it did for me, I'd like to spare other people the sort of regret that I had. It's like building up a giant credit card balance, except that instead of going on a trip to Europe and a house full of crap, I just burned a bunch of oil that really ought to have been used to make plastics and medicines and other petrochemicals and got fatter and more depressed.

This was brought to my mind yesterday when I rode part of what would have been my commute home circa 2002. I lived in Foster City. I worked up in the hills above San Mateo. I would have taken my bike to the CalTrain station, hitched it to the back of the free shuttle, and then worked. When I went home, I would do any number of screaming descents... and after riding down one of them, I assure you I missed out on a lot of fun.

I went on several good road-trips over the past year, but the mileage those trips took was dwarfed by my biking mileage and were trips that it wouldn't have really worked out for me to have tried to bike. As they always say, use the right tool for the right job. Cars are for driving hundreds of miles away from civilization to get away from things. Not for sitting in traffic on a highway next to a bunch of people also going in the same direction or going a half-mile to Starbucks.

Gas prices have been going up. You might rant and rave about the oil companies... but it's really just that demand is up now that the economy has recovered somewhat. For a lot of people, this is a giant fear, because of how gas-centric they have become. For me, it's a somewhat positive sign for the future. Because you might rant and rave about greed and Bush in Iraq and cry about dead soldiers... but that won't get you looking at alternatives. But when you get hit in the pocketbook, then you start to look up if there's a convenient bus or rail line.

If you look at how much money we've spent directly supporting wars that we're only doing because we don't want the oil prices to go up.. it's on the order of $30/barrel. Friends, friends-of-friends, and family members have done some amazing heroic things in these same wars... and I respect that. But I don't really think that low gas prices that are distracting us from developing alternatives to gasoline-powered transportation are worth even a fraction of the heroic potential of the military sworn to defend us.

The future is there, if you want it to be. Over the past few years, NASA and private industry have both been working on the future of human spaceflight. NASA blew a bunch of money assembling a single Ares I-X test flight. Basically, they strapped a mockup spaceship to the top of a single space shuttle SRB and launched it, because there are some things that simulation won't tell you. SpaceX, spending a fraction of that money, flew a new booster twice, the first time with a mockup spaceship, the second time with a real spaceship.

Ironically, because President Obama canceled NASA's program in favor of buying flights from people like SpaceX, you have right-wingers who, in theory, are big fans of small government, fighting for big wasteful government programs. Right now, the way congress is going, they are going to change Obama's proposal to increase NASA's funding into a NASA budget cut that continues to funnel money to established aerospace companies who would be left out in the cold if Obama got his way. I might add that this is also what happened to Bush's vision.

Watching the prototype Falcon 9 booster and Dragon capsule fly,

Typography Project 5: Deadly Sins of Graphic Design Brochure Interior

Typography Project 5: Deadly Sins of Graphic Design Brochure Interior

The assignment for this project was to create a brochure and two other pieces of collateral highlighting the 13 deadly sins of graphic design aimed at students and professors at a collegiate level. I jokingly came up with the idea of "Type Club" a play on "Fight Club."

This is a view of the interior of my four-fold brochure. The images were based on injuries one might incur in a fight, and I made them in the style of the cheesy imagery on in-flight safety cards.

fight club flight card

fight club flight card

You Do Not Talk About Fight Club: I Am Jack's Completely Unauthorized Essay Collection (Smart Pop series)

Pervasive and multidisciplinary, this insightful exploration discusses how and why this seminal work developed, and continues to grow, such a cult following. When Fight Club punched its way onto the scene a decade ago, it provided an unprecedented glimpse into the American male’s psyche and rapidly turned into a euphemism for a variety of things that should be ?just understood” and not otherwise acknowledged. Key to its success is the variety of lenses through which the story can be interpreted; is it a story of male anxiety in a metrosexual world, of ritual religion in a secular age, of escape from totalitarian capitalism, or the spiritual malaise induced by technologically-oriented society? Writers, conspiracy theorists, and philosophers are among those ready to talk about Fight Club’s ability to be all these and more.

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